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Global Paper Packaging Industry Analysis          [2011-03-22]

First, the global paper packaging industry development status of

Worldwide, packaging products are divided into paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging and glass packaging products, four categories, including, paper packaging because of its wide range of sources, low cost, easy handling, easy storage and recycling advantage is the most widely used form of packaging. With the production process and technology level, paper packaging products, has been able to replace the wood packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging, aluminum packaging, steel packaging, metal packaging and other packaging forms, applications and more wide. Paper packaging can be recycled, green, environmental characteristics, in line with the direction of development of circular economy.

In recent years, the global annual output of paper packaging steady growth and continuous amount of the world's largest packaging materials, according to the World Packaging Organization statistics, in 2009 the global paper packaging production value of about 2,160 billion U.S. dollars.

Second, paper printing and packaging industry in China Analysis

Paper printing and packaging industry as supporting a variety of manufacturing industries, often with the downstream industry and change the layout. With the continuing integration of world economy, global manufacturing base since the nineties of last century has been gradually transferred to China, led the rapid development of China's packaging industry has become the world's major producer of packaging products, consumer and exporter.

At present, China has set up a paper, plastic, glass, metal, packaging, printing, packaging machinery, has some modern technology and equipment, a relatively complete industrial system of modern packaging. According to statistics, the end of 2009, output value of China packaging industry for the first time surpassed Japan to become world's second largest after the United States industrial packaging, industrial output in 2002 from 2,401 billion yuan in 2009, 10,000 million yuan, compound growth rate of 22.61%, an average development level higher than the national industry by 10 percentage points. 42 industrial sectors in the national economy, the packaging industry has been upgraded to 14 bits.

Among them, the paper packaging sub-sector output accounted for in the past eight years, stayed around 30%, the highest value contribution, the greatest contribution to overall profit. Instance, in 2009, the paper packaging industry in China packaging industry contribution to overall profit rate of 36%, China's packaging industry is the largest source of profits.

Third, the Chinese consumer electronics products, paper printing and packaging industry status and development trend

China is the world's leading consumer electronics products, the production base of the nineties from the twentieth century began, China's manufacturing industry with a good supporting resources and a strong manufacturing cost advantage, attracting a large number of consumer electronics products manufacturing multinational enterprises and famous brands in China have the layout of production. Growing economic strength in China, people's consumption level in the context of steadily improving, and consumer electronics products increasing demand, coupled with consumer electronics product life cycles continue to shorten the market to maintain a huge amount, and promote China consumer electronics industry quickly development.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, consumer electronics China in 2005 was 893.7 billion yuan industrial output value in 2009, has been upgraded to 1.448 trillion yuan, up 12.82% annual compound growth rate. In the same year, consumer electronics industry in China's electronic information industry in the proportion of total output value increased to 24.29%, China's electronic information industry one of the most important sub-areas.

As China's consumer electronics industry's rapid growth, as its supporting industry, paper-based consumer electronics products, printing and packaging industry is also showing a trend of sustained and stable development, expanding industrial output value increased rapidly.

According to statistics, as of the end of 2008, a paper packaging manufacturer in China a total of nearly 6,000, of which more than 80% of companies directly or indirectly serve the consumer electronics industry, consumer electronics, paper products, printing and packaging industrial output value reached 21.3 billion yuan. 2009 by the international financial crisis, although the output growth rate has declined compared with 2008, but output is still more than 21.7 billion yuan.

With the gradual recovery of world economy, consumer electronics products will regain the momentum of rapid development, the state "to expand domestic demand and promoting consumption" and "Western Expansion" and "countryside" economic policy will further promote the consumer electronics market prosperity and become a driving force of the consumer electronics industry continues to grow in the next round of the driving force.

In its lead, consumer electronics China paper printing and packaging industry will usher in a promising market in the next few years, consumer electronics China paper printing and packaging industry will continue to increase the output value is expected to reach 423 in 2015 billion.

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