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Key words next printing industry in 2011 - Green Printing          [2011-03-22]
Through 2008, the 2009 economic crisis, through the spread and recovery in 2010, we entered 2011. In 2008, the author has not yet entered the industry, however, soon see 08,09 for two years the current industry-related data, still can feel the printing industry to bring this crisis to shock and impact. Beginning in 2010, though the impact is not over yet, but the industry is already recovering. Into 2011, the situation is obviously not so optimistic, these factors restrict the printing industry's rapid advance. And not only is the printing company to face such a situation, the same situation also plagued foreign printing industry.

Publishing and printing from our recent large country of Japan, in 2010, when the new year under review, the data shows, "In 2010, the number of corporate bankruptcies in Japan as printing 153, although a decrease compared with 2009, but remains high." From 2001 to 2010, 10 years, there were 1315 bankruptcy Japanese printing, but a quarter of which occurred in the international financial crisis of 2009 and 2010, two years. In recent years, an annual Japanese printing company bankrupt (liabilities amounting to 10 million yen or more) the number has more than 100, especially 174 in 2009, the number of corporate bankruptcies in print record. "

But do not need so pessimistic, other data show that, despite the number of bankrupt companies remains high, but the Japanese printing industry in 2010 than in 2009, the industry bankruptcies decreased by 12.1%, publishing and printing, the total liabilities of bankrupt enterprises amounted to 32.58 billion yen, compared with 55.58 billion yen in 2009 decreased by 41.4%. Each of bankrupt enterprises, the average amount of debt of 2.13 billion yen in 2009 to 3.19 billion yen and 356 million yen in 2008 compared to two consecutive years has been reduced.

In addition, much of Australia in the southern hemisphere, the days are not easy. PMP Printing Group, Australia's biggest revenue decline in the company within six months of $ 19,200,000. Moreover, according to the Australian Printing Industry Association's latest survey showed that despite increased business orders, but prices fell and the financing difficulties of printers to printing companies still posed a serious challenge. It is understood that the Australian print price has dropped 40 consecutive quarters, and printing companies also experienced 10 consecutive quarters of financial difficulties. In addition, several indicators, the outlook for the Australian printing industry is not optimistic, also plagued by the problem of China's printing industry such as raw materials and labor costs and so impede the development of enterprises in Australia.

Printing Industries Association of Australia, the relevant responsible person said that with the decline in prices and commercial printers deterioration of the environment, the printing business operators to be overcome in order to maintain profitability more difficult.

Foreign like this, the domestic Needless to say more. 2011 faces more severe challenges, not only from the pressure of 2010 has not diminished, on the contrary to be getting worse: the impact of new media such as e-books; 2010, paper prices and soaring house prices may Yipin into 2011 not only failed to lower potential, it is all the way to call; labor shortage again in the years after the highlights, a printing company to fly Northwest out of forty thousand annual salary of the conditions of recruitment of college students. And this is just a continuation of the problem since 2010; In addition, the Environmental Protection Ministry and Publication Administration jointly highly recommended "green printing" has been officially took to the stage, can be expected, green printing the printing industry will be key in 2011 One word. As far as I know, the first green printing industry printing standard will soon formally promulgated clear that before the draft for approval in the next three years, all publications will fully comply with "green printing" standard; for a large number of printing enterprises if you want to continue to engage in publishing and printing, then printing equipment, printing materials and the whole upgrade and transform can not be avoided, whether taken this step, and even determine a company's future.

However, the new technology, new equipment updates, necessarily requires strong financial support. With the funds, how funds are still not a simple issue. Emerged on the market for a time of "environmental protection equipment," "green materials" type of complex, how to choose the right equipment, materials, become a priority. For small and medium sized printing enterprises, this will be a crucial step in a very critical year, as were the king, loser Kou. However, do not need to despair, therefore, under tremendous pressure bears a greater opportunity, if they can take a good step, from among the many practitioners come to the fore, then the future is a great scenery.
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