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2010 A New Aspect of packaging and printing technology          [2011-03-22]
Multi-layer composite technology

The green technology is a complex production process, especially for the current food packaging industry. Its use of raw materials commonly used by the U.S. Food and health safety agency certified material, raw material pipeline from the special focus of each conveying a unified supply of raw materials, processing of non-exposure, no environmental pollution phenomenon. The adhesive layer is the result of the modified LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) materials, the environment, food and human non-toxic, will not involve the traditional phenomenon of dry compound solvent residue, no air pollution, energy consumption less.

Organic solvent recovery technology

The technology includes two ways: regenerative catalytic combustion method and adsorption recovery method. Although regenerative catalytic combustion exhaust can play the purpose of recovery, but may cause secondary pollution, so this method should be improved. The adsorption of flexible packaging recycling law is produced during the production of organic waste gas by adsorption, reduction, purification, recovery and recycling, organic waste not only solved the problem of pollution emissions, while turning waste into treasure, and solvent recovery cycle use, so this method is worth promoting.

Solvent-free composite technology

The technology uses solvent-free adhesives and special composite device, the thin film substrate, such as plastic film, paper, etc. fit with each other, then adhesive chemical curing reaction after treatment, so that the substrate layers bonded together. The technology in the process of economic, security and environmental protection has a greater advantage.

Combination of printing technology

Printing is a printing technology combined integration of printing, that is integrated with a variety of printing production line, such as flexo, offset, gravure, screen printing, inkjet printing, digital printing and finishing process, as indicated in light , film, die cutting, creasing, stamping, etc., all kinds of printing and finishing methods combine the advantages of each other, to obtain the best printing results. From this point of speaking, not referring to a combination of printing presses printing equipment, but a variety of printing and finishing processes set in one of the production line, its field of application packaging and printing paper will be more extensive.

Stamping technology roll-line

Web foil is the most widely used means of a stamping process. In the self-adhesive label printing using the material for web materials, production speed, web offset press for its high efficiency, adaptability and economic benefits of good printing and by many printing companies of all ages. Rotary molding process typically used for web-line processing. Currently, the web tipping machine has taken the lead in the cigarette market to obtain sophisticated applications, and as the market for high efficiency and high quality living pieces of the increased demand for stamping, but also to achieve greater development.

Online offset printing hot technology of cold

Conventional stamping metal stamping requires special edition, by heating, pressure to complete the required stamping material transferred to the printing surface, feeding relatively slow, it is difficult to achieve with the offset line blanching plus. The cold-hot technology offset the production line will change this situation. The technology is in room temperature conditions, will require stamping by a graphic adhesive paste to the substrates surface, implementation is the direct use of the original offset of the two units, a print layer, a group for the transfer of metal foils.

Composite print length stretch seam technology to avoid the laser version

Holographic laser transfer paper packaging and printing industries at home and abroad more and more of a wide range of new packaging materials, but the application of face a major challenge is in rotogravure printing machine laser version of seam prone to cause greater waste. At present, there are two kinds of fixed-length online and offline to avoid the laser printed version of tensile composite joint technology solutions. Packaging printing enterprises of funds according to their actual production and reasonable choice of two ways. If enterprises have web gravure equipment can be used offline solutions embossing, purchased from a composite of paper manufacturers can avoid version of the aluminum slit laser transfer paper, just on the progress of the original rotary machine for printing equipment transformation can be, so the technology can greatly reduce investment risk.
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