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Hot Printing 2011: Transformation carbon Environmental Protection          [2011-03-22]
Into the post-crisis era, China's packaging and printing industry in the first half of 2010 has shown signs of recovery growth. For the full year trend, the Chinese Association of Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Branch of the Secretary-General Li Zhiwei recently in the "China Press and Publication News" interview, said that in 2010 the overall state of packaging and printing industry has been restored to the level before 2008, order, outputs are generally optimistic; into 2011, the transformation of low-carbon, environmentally friendly will be the hot spot, while the high specification, high starting point, the new mechanism to continue to develop the growth of modern enterprises. But can not be ignored is the rising prices of raw materials and personnel costs rise, corporate profits will decline making.

Restructuring and consolidation will continue

Packaging and printing industry in 2010, showing healthy development trend, in its order, the output generally optimistic about the behind the reorganization and integration of packaging and printing industry is a major part. Both state-owned enterprises or state-holding corporation, or is a private enterprise, in the "structural adjustment, to maintain growth" in the background, in order to focus resources, improve enterprise's core competitiveness, for the re-integration.

Li Zhiwei introduced in packaging and printing industry, mainly in the integration of businesses owned and state holding enterprises, ie from the local authority or group of affiliated companies restructuring or integration, such as the number of mergers, relocation of the original have done in the urban real estate investment or property, making the assets are fully utilized. Through the integration of existing small businesses so that they form a certain scale enterprises, increase the market competitiveness of enterprises, but can also reduce the size of the existing leadership.

It is worth mentioning that the packaging printing enterprises of private, they start to grow from the hard work, the operators of these enterprises have come to realize the shortcomings of small-scale enterprises, family-owned business enterprise should be brothers to the development of modern enterprises, Therefore, operation and management, most of them to hire professional managers to manage the enterprise, and then through more scientific modern management tools to small businesses had dispersed integrate.

Li Zhiwei said that in just the past year, regardless of the state-owned enterprises or private enterprises, market integration is a means to deal with, but also the situation of rapid industrial growth is an inevitable result. Summary of 2010 characteristics of packaging and printing industry, he said: high specification, high starting point, the new mechanism in the development and growth of modern enterprises, small-scale, low level, poor equipment, gradual reduction in corporate workshops, and in this situation 2011 will be continued.

Reduce costs imminent

Into the new year, Li Zhiwei said that from the industry perspective, the transformation of low-carbon, environmental protection will be hot in 2011. Environmental requirements for different regions in the environmental protection standards, terms of products, enterprises should pay more attention to compliance with its laws and regulations related to the product produced. But also noted that in terms of enterprise development, one of the main problems facing the market is how to deal with inflationary pressures, fluctuations in market prices of raw materials, coal, water, electricity and other resources such as upward pressure on goods prices will affect the operating costs of the enterprise . Therefore, in management, we must use various means and measures to be effective management, to profit; in cost management, to sophisticated management control mode, trying to reduce product costs, staff salary increases to overcome the cost pressures.

Artificial lack of technical staff in particular the lack of the phenomenon is also found in printing and packaging companies. From the present situation of production, finishing processes desperately short of manpower, many companies often unable to recruit suitable staff and helpless sigh. "China Press" reporter in the interview that, some enterprises in order to cope with a shortage situation, the jobs linked to the Internet all year round. Li Zhiwei pointed out that technical and management talent and skilled workers is the lack of packaging and printing industry in 2011, problems to be solved, and now all over the printing and packaging technician training schools popular with business professional welcome.

Some of the products finishing technology complex and require a lot of manpower to complete. Despite finishing the 2010 R & D efforts in terms of machinery and equipment has been carried out, but still can not meet the business requirements. Reduce labor costs, increase productivity when is the business goals, resulting in the development and application of finishing equipment, packaging and printing is a manual alternative to the big trend. Li Zhiwei said that the market demand factors will inevitably spawned a variety of finishing machinery market development and prosperity, packaging and printing machinery market in this area will have new opportunities.

Offset printing is still the mainstream technology

Today, digital printing technology has great potential, but in terms of packaging and printing applications do not seem obvious. With the increase in the amount of printing and color management applications, flexo, offset and gravure printing processes such as traditional still a great advantage. In this regard, Li Zhiwei said that digital printing is now fired a hot, define the scope of very irregular. In terms of pre-press plate, which replaced the photographic plate, and a variety of computer software production. Variable information and personalized digital printing is only used in small quantities of printing. By the ink-jet printing instead of traditional offset, gravure, letterpress, flexo, etc., in the printing on the number of minimal. In the high-volume printing on the packaging, sheetfed offset printing remains the primary means of processing.

Absorption of the printing industry to gold

With new media such as e-books and Internet more and more attention, the traditional printing industry's treasure - books printed be hit by a margin of safety is relatively easy packaging and printing became the target of many investors. Moreover, relative to the publication printing, packaging and printing profit margins are higher, therefore no exaggeration to say, packaging and printing industry is priming the printing industry in 2010 the land of gold, over the past year, the investment can be described on the packaging and printing in full swing.

Data show that in 2010 total output value of China packaging industry is expected to exceed 1.2 trillion yuan, then the packaging and printing industries will also benefit from a cup in the Stock Watch. Li Zhiwei Objectively speaking, the packaging and printing products in the market is rigid demand market, competition in the field of packaging and printing from the last century began, in the printing industry, packaging and printing profits than other print (such as books, tables, pictures, etc.) slightly higher, and the pursuit of profit maximization is the ultimate goal of the enterprise. The difference is, at this stage of the investment in packaging and printing larger than the amount invested the previous period.

Opportunities in the high-end packaging

Packaging and printing industry, the continuous rapid appreciation in recent years, thanks to the rapid growth of consumption. From a variety of publicly available data, China's consumer market is a good steady upward trend in orders for packaging and printing companies also will be endless. Therefore, the survival and development of the key depends on the ability to obtain orders. In addition, the company's equipment, technology, quality of personnel, also had an impact on product quality and credibility.

Packaging is for the whole wedding dress, and not have their own products. The operation of packaging and printing industry is characterized by order sales model is based on product sales to distinguish high and low-end market, and ultimately by the customer to decide. Li Zhiwei said that packaging and printing companies are more willing to contract high-end packaging, high-grade paper used in packaging because of different processing numerous, complex, will be priced high, corporate profits will be relatively higher. Such as general export products, cosmetics, luxury goods (tobacco, alcohol, gifts, etc.). For such as cement bags, medicine bags or paper bags packing for a simple, low prices for materials, printing, color plays little, not finishing the demand, price and profit naturally low. Of course, given the consumer group, country, customs, cultural differences, the demand for packaging can have a big difference.

Decide the professional market brand building

If we say that the past year, packaging printing enterprises are expanding market size and enhance the main level, then enter the "second five", the brand building will be based. In China, the main pillar industry of packaging and printing, as many places, such as printing and packaging industry base in Beijing, Chongqing, packaging and printing industrial base, specialized printing and packaging markets in Guangdong and Kunming International Packaging and Printing Industrial Base, Fujian Shishi packaging and printing industry base, which throughout the packaging and printing industry base around the building and development are hot. Li Zhiwei, said that in the next period of time, the formation of the brand's packaging and printing professional market will drive regional economic development, expanding regional influence, and thus promote regional professional market.
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