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Developed countries, development trend of packaging machinery          [2011-03-22]
New Trend of U.S. packaging machinery

U.S. packaging industry started in the early 20th century, rapid development since World War II, and gradually set up and form, including packaging materials, packaging technology and packaging machinery complete and independent industrial system. Total industrial output value of its packaging 3% of national GDP. According to the U.S. industry survey analysis, the use of packaging machinery industry is the largest food industry, followed by household cleaning products and cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical products and tobacco industry.

Pace of innovation is always in the first place

The food industry as the largest use of U.S. packaging machinery industry, almost all models, models are used in the food industry. Among them, the soft drinks on the maximum annual demand for packaging machinery in 2005, 50%; food industry demand for packaging machinery from 1994 to 2005 average annual growth rate of 7%. It is precisely because the American food industry millions each year new products, thus speeding up the upgrading of packaging machinery, the United States food industry packaging machinery required pace of innovation is always in the first place.

Attention to brand

Brand is the soul, from the packaging machinery market share, the U.S. top ten packaging machinery companies were: Barry-wehmillre company, Beinis Company, SA-SIBSPA company, AveryDeeeison company, Bosch Corporation, CrownCork & ha company, DougalsMachine Company , RAJouesCohpany company, Kliklk companies and Krones companies. They achieved success in business depends largely on three aspects: First, to enhance the corporate brand visibility packaging machinery; Second, emphasis on the sales performance of the enterprise; third attaches great importance to the enterprise product service.

Packaging machinery automation, high efficiency, energy conservation

The current prospects for the U.S. packaging machinery is: pillow level with computer control and the servo motor and electrical control devices a good film tension of packaging machinery, the future of microelectronics, computers, industrial robots, intelligent, sensor technology and a new image materials in packaging machinery will be more widely used, increasing the automation of packaging machinery, high efficiency, energy conservation direction.

Automated procedures have been applied to more advanced packaging systems process, such as PLG equipment, data collection systems represent the application of advanced packaging systems to. To ensure high standards of productivity, automated inspection systems and efficient automation system is essential.

Packaging industry to use lighter materials to reduce shipping costs, the use of specially designed components, systems to reduce production time, with suppliers, manufacturers toward the use of materials with minimal packaging operations provide a variety of goals.

Application of New Technology

Packaging Automation has been widely used procedures, to cater to consumers, the U.S. packaging industry tend to label a lot of use of information systems. Government requirements for standard packaging nutritious ingredients, instructions, bar codes, so that stickers with multi-functional information system towards development.

U.S. scientists have developed a new integrated circuit detector can detect a certain food or beverage deterioration time. This food shelf life testing of new devices, sensors and scanners by the composition of its energy from the scanner, radio waves, the sensor material is the main lead. Packaged food when it is put together food boxes. Tested, the inspectors simply aim the scanner food radio waves, scanner, radio waves will make food production vibration signal, also issued music wave, music reflecting the first wave of the box to the wall of the food box, and then conduction to the sensor calibration by using standard database vibration level, vibration conduction time and conduction velocity of music, and instantly detect food spoilage can be determined by the time the test results are very accurate.

Packaging trends diverse, multi-purpose development

Packaging industry is to meet the rapidly changing needs of consumers change, diversification of production trends. The food industry, for example, the current American consumer demand for food has more specifications, diversity, change the direction of features, it will cost to invest in food processing has been developed with a more flexible and mobile function packaging line. A few years ago to develop a new packaging product usually takes 2-3 years, is just half a year can make new products. This fully shows the U.S. packaging industry in developing new varieties and new products, speed, time is short.

The packaging sector in pursuit of combination, simplicity, removable packaging equipment, packaging machinery manufacturers so more attention to developing efficient, versatile, smaller, more flexible packaging equipment.

Provide more convenient and safe packaging

According to the U.S. Census Bureau projections, by 2025 the United States will become an aging society, the U.S. packaging industry fully into account the potential of elderly consumers demand for packaging products, began to adapt to the future development of the packaging features an aging society, such as with a zipper The cover, easy to open the metal cover two-finger pull ring, packaging community is committed to providing consumers with more convenient packaging.

Packaging design trends toward the development of international standards

U.S. companies are working from the packaging materials, equipment and sales, to seek a favorable global market packed with features. To the global market, manufacturers are working to develop a policy, making it consistent with the designers highlighted the trend of international standards.

As the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association, Mr Charles said: "We are entering a mechatronics, laser scanning, radio frequency transmitter, nano technology and system simplification of packaging the New World."

New Trends of the German packaging machinery

German packaging machinery design based on market research and market analysis, and strive for our customers, especially large enterprises. With the development of science and technology and market competition intensifies, customers on the mechanical performance requirements are also increasing, mainly in the following requirements: 1, increase productivity, to meet the delivery requirements and reduce process costs needs; for some products, but also requires packaging machinery and production machinery converge. 2, product updates to meet the needs of packaging machinery to have higher flexibility and agility. 3, less equipment failure, failure can carry out remote diagnostic services. 4, environmental pollution, including noise, dust and waste are less polluting. 5, the purchase of equipment investment as little as possible, some of the price to as low as possible.

German packaging machinery manufacturers and design department, to meet customer requirements to take the following measures:

Increased automation

A few years ago, automation technology accounts for only 30% of packaging machinery design, and now accounts for more than 50%, extensive use of microcomputer control design and mechatronics to increasing automation of packaging machinery, and its purposes: First, to increase productivity; Second, In order to improve the flexibility and agility equipment; third is to improve the packaging machinery to complete the complex ability to move, that is, mechanical hand to complete the packaging process.

Packaging machinery automation design has the following two main features:

① Each robot controlled by a separate computer

Packaging machinery for the completion of a complex package movements to be completed by a number of robots. Computer-controlled cameras in the intake of information and monitoring, the mechanical hand according to the computer program instructions complete the required actions to ensure the quality of packaging.

② the material and thickness of high-resolution capability

In the packaging process, packaging materials and material changes in the thickness of the human eye is not easy to distinguish, so often used in the design of packaging machinery controlled by the computer to distinguish between the camera and detector packaging material thickness and material changes. The camera has been developed to check and identify the camera's self-image, and displayed on the screen. Currently, the processing speed of the machine can not change the future should be resolved according to the material after the change can change the speed by which control of the work in the most optimal condition in the shortest time to complete the packaging process, and automatic cleaning, automatic sterilization and automatic clean.

Improve productivity, reduce costs and maximize production requirements to meet

German packaging machinery, especially in food packaging machinery, complete with high-speed, high degree of automation and reliability is good. Improve the machine speed is a complex issue, the faster the lower the cost of single-piece production, but the plant area increased. In addition, the motor speed is limited, we can not think fast to fast. In general, the speed increased by 15% to 20%, it will bring a range of complex issues.

In addition to improving the speed to improve productivity, but also from other sources to address:

① a continuous work or long work. Packaging machinery work intermittent and continuous, the design should be designed for continuous work, it increases productivity; a device can also be a number of the production line, producing the same product, or several different products, but the need to improve reliability.

② reduce scrap, providing failure analysis system. Waste to the production losses are enormous, not only the product loss, there are material losses. So try to greatly reduce the rejection rate; packaging machinery sales service should also provide for the failure analysis system, namely the modal analysis to find fault, or through the Internal network for remote diagnostics, maximum to meet customer needs. In the future to make packaging machinery more intelligent, that is, the device itself to find fault, to solve their own fault, to reduce the rejection rate and failure rate, so that normal productivity can be improved.

③ make production machinery and packaging machinery integration. Many went on to the end product packaging, which would also help to improve the productivity of products, such as the German production of chocolate production equipment and packaging equipment is completed by a system control. The key is to address the integration between the productivity Fortunately, each match, including the production of packaging machinery often become a bottleneck, and therefore provide different productivity devices.

To adapt to product changes, the design flexibility and agility with good equipment

To enable packaging machinery has good flexibility and flexibility, improve the degree of automation, an important use of microcomputer technology, the module technology and modular forms. To meet the variety of packaging products and packaging types of change, the flexible packaging machinery and equipment and flexibility often in the following three aspects:

① the amount of flexibility. Both individual product packaging, can also adapt to different quantities of product packaging

② Construction of flexibility. A unit composed of the entire device, for one or several units can adapt to product changes.

③ supply flexibility.

A unit portfolio, combined with the delivery of each unit, such as candy packaging machine, in a common basis, the combination of different units, three feeding ports, four different folding packaging, such a machine can also 8 to 10 different packages of candy. By a number of robot operation, under the supervision of a camera, directing the action, according to instructions in different ways for different types of candy packaging. If the product has changed, as long as the program can change the camera, so that the device has good flexibility and flexibility.

To provide complete sets of equipment

German packaging machinery design to user needs as a precondition for the production of structural and economic enterprises to provide complete system solutions, and computer simulation technology demonstration operations to the user, after seeking the views of users to modify. To provide users with automatic production line or production line equipment, with particular emphasis on the integrity of equipment, both high-tech, high value-added equipment, or the relatively simple equipment requirements are provided by matching.

German packaging machinery manufacturers will also offer complete sets of equipment as their efforts to target. Such as a beverage filling line, more than 200 micro-computer parts, there are many lines the display, there are 100 kinds of movement control various software packages. To meet the 1200 bottles / min two lines of productivity must work together, so the production of the beverage filling line to be accounted for in the area of ​​half a football field, and all devices are able to install in a factory. Associated with the production of packaging machinery currently a major weakness is the production of more with a single, and less complete sets of lines; host more, less auxiliary equipment, supporting the poor. Germany, this practice is worth learning.

Widespread use of computer simulation design technology

With the speed of new product development continues to accelerate, the German packaging machinery design commonly used by the computer simulation technology, various machine elements to be stored in a computer database mode, the digitized drawings entered into the computer, the computer automatically synthesize three-dimensional model. Then the actual production data and indicators lost in, to lose all possible failures in, the computer can be modeled on the real three-dimensional model of the work to operate, demonstrates a number of productivity can be achieved, how much waste, all aspects of the production line it can match the production, the bottleneck where the customer according to the curve at a glance on the display, and modify the model according to customer feedback. Synthesis of fast computers, so work quickly and easily modified until it satisfied the customer or designer. Using computer simulation design technology, greatly reducing the development of packaging machinery design cycle.

Packaging machinery design should not only focus on its function and efficiency, but also focus on its economy. But the economy is not entirely the cost of machinery and equipment itself, more importantly, operating costs, because the cost of equipment depreciation costs only 6% to 8%, the other is operating cost.
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