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Into low-carbon green flexo printing industry trends          [2011-03-22]
Flexographic printing, the use of more environmentally friendly water-based ink, is often hailed as the industry's most environmentally friendly printing. In advocating low-carbon environment, the safety of today's packaging, flexographic printing is being widely used in printing and packaging fields. According to international authorities and industry experts predicted that the global flexible printing equipment in the printing industry's share of the growth rate second only to the digital inkjet printing, in cartons, labels and flexible packaging printing the fastest growing.

2011 flexography what trends will be? China Printing Technology Association branch chairman of the flexible printing Gong Yan Chou in the "China Press reported that" interview, analysis, flexo printing equipment and materials R & D will be more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, flexographic printing presses and publications connected with the machine folding machine will also be further research and development, personnel training flexographic printing channels will also be widening.

More energy saving R & D

Energy saving, fast and efficient is the flexographic printing equipment, materials and process research and development trends.

In equipment research and development, wide satellite-based high-speed flexo into R & D focus, this equipment uses environmentally friendly water-based inks, environmentally friendly food and drug packaging trends and health and safety requirements. Gong Yan-chou said, Printing and Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. Huayang space in December 2007 to produce independently developed China's first wide-format flexo printing machine, and another Sotech Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co. produced similar equipment and film used for printing pre-printed cartons. At present, Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is promoting wide satellite-based high-speed flexible packaging flexo printing industry projects.

In the ink R & D, Dragon Ink Group Co., Ltd. of Guangdong in carrying out its core resin, water-based inks R & D and industrialization projects, New Oriental Ink Co., Ltd. in promoting additional 1 million tons of food packaging industry with environmentally friendly ink on the project, both inks are suitable for flexographic and gravure printing.

R & D in the plate, Lucky Wah Kwong Printing Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Institute of Printing Technology are implementing environment-friendly industrialization flexo plates, plans to build an annual output of 30 million square meters of flexible version of model production line.

In the paper, the low weight, light weight, high strength is the development trend; In the process, the emerging offset printed corrugated flexo switch changes. Wuhan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Huayi Flexo is the earlier promotion of pre-printed corrugated box company, a general manager Wu Hong told the "China Press" reporter, in the past have used tissue paper box color offset printing method, using paper g weight of 250 grams to 300 grams; now the way many cartons with flexo printing, paper weight used was 175 grams to 200 grams, while the compressive strength than offset a 30% increase. WU Hong an analysis, the paper weight reduction, used as a base and have less waste generated, thus saving a lot of resources, reduce customer costs.

Applications will be extended to publications

In China, flexographic printing is mainly used in packaging and printing fields. In other countries, in addition to flexographic printing for packaging printing, also used in newspaper printing. However, this printing method known as the most environmentally friendly applications in the field of book printing is almost a blank. Until last year, the Shanghai trial water-based ink and flexo printing process, a primary school textbooks, making flexo publications achieved a breakthrough. After testing, flexo materials are better than all the indicator system and offset printing process with soy ink printing is more environmentally friendly materials.

"This year we seek to develop flexographic printing presses and folding machines books, Shanghai will continue teaching in the fall Flexo on trial." Gong Yan Chou said. He said that although the book is very environmentally friendly flexo, but there are still a lot to promote books and flexo printing problems, such as flexo printing speed is slow, costly plate, even the machine folding equipment technology vacancies.

To solve these problems, in December 2010, in Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau of the strong support of China Printing Technology Association held a branch of the flexible printing "ink flexographic printing machine with folding prototype" seminar, a total of more than 30 flexible Edition printing, flexo equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, material suppliers on behalf of the participants, several equipment manufacturers have expressed interest research and development. Gong Yan-chou said, Shanghai Electric and the North who have developed two advantages: Shanghai Electric subsidiary has a production company Gaussian newspaper presses, flexo machine violet production company, the North's productive flexo machine Beiren Fuji , the North and the production press, the two companies can be developed in the internal coordination of the flexo books. Italian high, China Eastern, Olger other flexo machine manufacturers have R & D intentions.

In addition, the Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau of the United Association and this year will continue to fall material flexo printing test, plan on five or six varieties. Gong Yan Chou said that due to primary and secondary school textbooks printed in Shanghai less, flexo high cost, such as teaching materials in the most populated province in large quantities can reduce the cost of flexo, so the Chinese Association for flexo printing and members will contact branch , ask them to contact local flexo printing plant material matters.

Training relies on two channels

Talent shortage is the development of the printing industry is a bottleneck in this sub-field of flexographic printing is no exception.

Colleges and universities are the main channel of training Flexo talent. Gong Yan Chou said that China currently has a special training school personnel Flexo - Flexo Black Cattle technical schools in Xi'an, which has a 10-year history the school has trained a group of flexographic professionals. In addition, the Beijing Institute of Printing, Publishing and Printing College Shanghai, Xi'an University of Technology Institute of Printing and Packaging Flexo other colleges and universities are also training of talents, the former two schools also has a narrow range of flexo unit.

However, Gong Yan-chou said: "The flexography printing is a special, in most schools, flexo is not a single professional, not a separate course, usually only two or three hours of teaching time, only one or two chapters in textbooks. "However, this situation will change this year or, Gong Yan-chou said, Shanghai Press and Publication of the new school year, flexible version of the professional, this should be the secondary vocational schools to establish flexible version of the first professional school .

In addition to College in the flexo talents, skills competition by the way quickly to nurture talent. 2009 China Printing Technology Association of Flexography Flexography Branch held a skills competition and decided four flexo technicians. Later this year, the branch of Flexo Skills Competition will be held.

The contest, the organizers intend to take on the printing machine operation and use of Sinapse approach combining simulation software. Gong Yan Chou said that they planned to use print simulation software, because many institutions lack the technical advanced flexographic printing equipment for students to practice, even if there is equipment, training costs are also high on the machine, the lack of adequate training for school supplies purchased with funds .

Gong Yan Chou that the use of simulation software not only saves the cost of the plate can also be standardized flexo process simulation software for flexographic printing is printed by American Association for the flexible requirements of production, are representative of the international advanced level in the operation of the normative content. However, buying software is a great investment. He said that has yet to find sponsors.
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