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China Paper Packaging Technology Development Trends          [2011-03-22]
China is a paper packaging production and use of power, however, our paper packaging production structure and technology is relatively lagging behind developed countries in the world. With the accelerating pace of knowledge-based economy, the development trend of recycling economy, a strong pull and promote the application of our paper packaging market, the paper packaging of the product structure has undergone great changes, especially in the production process and product structure innovation, greatly enhance the quality of paper packaging products, but also to improve the protection of the product performance, product sales played a role in promoting better, but also to increasingly wide range of paper packaging applications.

1 paper packaging structure of the composition and use of

As the name suggests refers to the use of paper packaging base paper or base paper and other materials made of synthetic processing of products, including corrugated boxes, cartons, paper cups, paper plates, bowls, cardboard, paper, cans, paper bags, paper tubes, paper angle, cardboard, paper relief, paper pulp mold and hardcover books and pictures and other wide variety of products. Paper packaging products play a modern scientific and cultural knowledge dissemination; product advertising and promotion; measurement and packaging of products; product decoration and protection; to facilitate the transportation and sale of products and so on. To facilitate the recycling of paper packaging products, green products are environmentally friendly, so the product particularly suitable for internal and external packaging. With the paper packaging production process technology and structure of innovation, quality of paper packaging products, continuous improvement, the modern paper packaging products can replace wood packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging, aluminum packaging, steel packaging, metal packaging. Paper packaging production process simple and help to reduce energy consumption, material consumption, better to improve economic efficiency, is the ideal market economy, but also the direction of development of circular economy.

2, the structure of innovative forms of paper packaging

1) the innovation performance of corrugated boxes

Range of paper packaging structure of modern and innovative variety of forms. As the most commonly used corrugated paper packaging products, in the application process, its structure has also been continuous development and innovation, high-strength corrugated composite panel as innovative products, a change in the traditional horizontal arrangement of the corrugated cardboard corrugated structure, the use of corrugated vertical close packed structure, can be realized instead of heavy corrugated cardboard, paperboard and wood packaging, called the new environmentally friendly packaging materials. Carton packaging as a product to enhance its water resistance is particularly important. General conventional waterproof and moisture resistant corrugated than the poor, through the film's cardboard recycling there is a big trouble and problems. The new type of recyclable waterproof cartons, can be hydrolyzed by using resin with the addition of cartons of water and moisture get good performance increase, recycling Shiyou easily degradable, is the ideal alternative to film carton craft. Can say that the structure of modern product packaging innovation is the sales from the past simple packaging, transport packaging, packaging structure to the functional changes, and now the anti-corrosion properties of corrugated boxes innovative technology available, such a carton of paper coated in layers special materials, can box items in other preservative measures without conditions, can be preserved more than 5 years, this feature stems from the high activity of copper network, it can effectively play the role of and corrosive gases. With the accelerated pace of China's circular economy, paper products, structure, production technology, innovation, and will be beneficial to ecological conservation, energy conservation, provincial material, energy, economic and simple direction, with paper and wood, paper and plastic, to paper and glass, paper and metal, will be for quite some time modern and mainstream packaging.

2) printing paper packaging field of innovative technology

Site version is the relief (including flexographic) printing spot color process commonly used in the past using traditional letterpress process printing has been a field version of copper, zinc or resin version, and the flexible version of technology is generally used resin version for printing, there are plates easy to crack a bad ills, affecting production efficiency, production costs are high. I previously used for zinc, resin, printing cigarette boxes collar (white paper printed gold extraction), the printing plates horizontally half-way phenomenon often cracks, the cost of production efficiency and a greater impact, so get creative inspiration from the offset printing process, offset will be scrapped by a blanket made into the old letterpress for printing the field, not only greatly improves the printing quality of products, but also greatly improve the efficiency of production. Resin used to replace expensive version of blankets, copper plates, producing embossed (including flexo process) in the field version, printed version of anti-India and Indian force of up to one million or more, the better to reduce the production costs for relief, flexo printing technology has opened up new prospects for development.

3) paper packaging products finishing technology innovation

Embossed, indentation is a decorative finishing of paper packaging products, forming a common process, embossed Embossing or process is generally used with vertical cutting machine for producing embossed embossed version of the former form of production can not be embossed Local embossed and embossed roller layout changes in the structure need to be replaced embossed version of the operation is very convenient, high production costs, not suitable for small quantities of embossed products. Which need to produce a metallic embossed or embossed version of the resin, can be full or partial embossing, but the uniformity of pressure is not ideal, and low productivity, labor-intensive. Indentation on the paper production process according to the traditional, vertical cutting machine is used for production, there are also low productivity, and labor-intensive problems, the production process for the shortcomings, I break the conventional process, the creation of a resin edition partial or full offset embossed on the new technology not only reduces the cost of production is better, and improve production efficiency and quality, with embossed clear and uniform process results. In addition, the use of resin bound wire version or the indentation in the offset press production also received a more satisfactory results, expanding the offset of the production efficiency and improve equipment utilization.

4) The paper packaging products, materials, manufacturing processes of technological innovation

What is the quality of corrugated cardboard boxes are particularly sensitive to the strength of influence, if poor quality corrugated paper, corrugated boxes made out of quality is not good. Corrugated paper production process through the addition of nano-materials, so that made through the special process corrugated paper, corrugated paper and ordinary compared to the production process, with high strength and good performance with dehydration, can not afford to powder, lint-free and so good advantages. Nano-particles as small particles, so the concave surface made of corrugated paper, bump relative to decrease. Smooth and delicate paper, the relative amount of adhesive will be less, so that after forming the corrugated side of better quality machine. Nano-technology is a major producer of corrugated paper: The superior performance of nano calcium carbonate materials and additives, through a special processing equipment to make new paper nanotechnology additives, such additives will be added directly to the concentration of about 1% evenly mixed slurry, and then by cluster tube paper machine headbox, forming uniform spray to corrugated web, so corrugated that contains calcium carbonate composition. Because calcium carbonate contains positive and negative fibers closely integrated with the auxiliary role in support, about 80% of the nano calcium carbonate to stay in the corrugated paper, and then through the high vacuum dewatering, pressing processing, high-temperature drying process after to the formation of water is about 8% nano-corrugated paper. Nano calcium carbonate made of corrugated materials, greatly increased its strength to the corrugated type can be made thinner. Such as the use of about 80g/m2 low quantitative production of nano-corrugated cardboard boxes, the strength of the ordinary 150g/m2 with the production of corrugated cardboard boxes about the quality of par. Can be said that nano-corrugated cardboard is to improve the quality of the important production channels. In addition, nano-ink, nano-plates, nano-adhesives, nano-coating application of innovative materials oil, expanding the production of materials, printing and finishing capabilities, to effectively reduce the production of quality failures, increase production efficiency with a good role in promoting .

5) The paper packaging equipment parts manufacturing process of technological innovation

Corrugated is a corrugated plate mold is the most expensive single machine important components, and its level determines the flute teeth forming the thickness of corrugated board and corrugated board strength. Therefore, the corrugated roller only to high wear and easy to use distortion effects to ensure the production of corrugated board forming line with quality requirements. Corrugated surfaces worn in the past, the traditional repair method is the ordinary hard-chrome surface treatment process, its wear resistance is not ideal. The use of Silicon Carbide - Chromium nano-ceramic coating roller, the innovation process is: Corrugated substrate work surface with 0.08 ~ 0.10mm thick silicon carbide - Nano-ceramic coating of chromium, silicon carbide - ceramic coating from the nano-Cr three-tier structure, the first layer is combined with a solid substrate Corrugated diffusion layer, the second layer is combined with the bottom of the first layer, the outermost combination with the underlying silicon carbide - Chromium nano-ceramic coating. This process is characterized by: the type of Corrugated Corrugated than the original chrome plated 3 times higher wear resistance can increase Corrugated better life, reduce downtime overhaul of the time, greatly reduce the cost of production. The flexible printing roller is a key component of how the performance of its products directly affect the printing quality. Flexo anilox traditional metal materials are generally low-carbon steel or copper, carved into the electronic structure of the 45 ° dwell pyramid hole, and then chrome plated. Roll coating such as easy to wear thin, especially with blade-type inking units, more prone to wear and tear leaving smaller volume of network points, the impact of product quality of printing. The Nano-ceramic anilox laser engraving, is the use of nano-ceramic materials produced by processing its strength, toughness, wear resistance and so has been significantly improved, so the ceramic anilox laser engraving has been widely used in flexographic printing press, the performance of the metal roller poor performance will be gradually replaced by the ceramic anilox roller. The characteristics of nano-ceramics can meet the substantial increase in hardness, toughness and wear resistance requirements, which is well-made roller technology to provide reliable guarantee for improving the quality of printing paper box lay a solid foundation.

In summary, the paper packaging production process technology innovation is to improve the packaging and printing enterprise economic efficiency, improve product quality and grades, and lower production consumption needs, but also the inevitable trend of development of circular economy. Especially in the economic crisis, the difficulties of operating under pressure, printing and packaging companies should focus on the production structure and production process through technology innovation, seeking new economic growth point and way out. So, whether in current or future, the paper packaging production process of technological innovation is still the best way to tap the economic potential and options, and only through adherence to technological innovation to the enterprise can make use of knowledge resources, technical resources and management resources into improving productivity, reduce cost of production results; into real competitive advantage, so that enterprises in the fierce competition in the market to obtain better survival and development opportunities, which is also the author engaged in the packaging and printing industry for 30 years, the most profound feelings.
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