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Printing hundred Chinese printing industry trends          [2011-03-22]
Printed hundred chart since 2003, has lasted eight, is a collective enterprise printing industry a strong debut, also witnessed the evolution of the pattern of the printing process of industrial scale. The most advanced enterprise by the hundred, and the change in the industry stood to observe the Chinese community in the forefront of the future of the printing industry changes, it should be a point of reference, to achieve "see reflected and see the whole picture" effect.

This year's list from the point of view, the trend of hundred enterprises in the following areas:

First, the bigger and stronger, moving further and further integration of resources of the strong bound.

100 companies list this year, the 2009 total annual sales revenue of 650 billion, according to the latest disclosure of the State Press and Publication Administration figures, in 2009 the national industrial output value of printing more than 6,000 billion. 100 most powerful enterprises account for more than 10% share, taking into account these enterprises in the country of 10 million enterprises in the number of enterprises accounted for only one-thousandth the number of employees accounted for less than 4%, we can see the tremendous energy of these enterprises and in the domestic printing industry in the role of.

From the development trend, these companies position in the industry will become increasingly important role, it will be the result of both internal and external causes. From the internal point of view, by virtue of hundred enterprises in addition to the influence of scale and brand to expand production capacity and stability, the more there through acquisition, merger, restructuring plans and the acceleration to enhance the scale of action. Hundred of this year, 15 companies had sales revenue of 10 billion, 1 billion carrier's record high number of entrepreneurs, is an obvious example. From the external point of view, the national policy on the printing industry this year, the focus is to promote the printing industry, printing powers made by the printing power ahead, Press and Publication Administration also is developing relevant measures, will identify, support a group of demonstration enterprises, speed up printing the pace of industry transformation and upgrading. These will enjoy more preferential policies to support and accelerate the pace of business development, will be printed to large enterprises or groups tilt.

Second, the growth pole will be to diversity.

From the Chinese printing industry 30 years of development history, the PRD was the strong growth engine, north of Hong Kong enterprises and the confluence of the North book South India, has created the impression that industry is booming Pearl River Delta and the demonstration effect throughout the country. But the new century, with full docking with the international market and the rapid growth of domestic demand, more areas to accelerate the rise of industry in China and India the new growth pole. From the point of view this year's list, the PRD 24 hundred, the average sales revenue of 815 million yuan; the Yangtze River Delta, 41 hundred, the average sales revenue of 617 million yuan; hundred nine Bohai Sea, the average sales revenue of 534 million yuan; and In central China, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Southwest China, a new printing is also gathering strength.

By the dominant, more strong, that the Chinese printing industry will face even more broad market space, and the strength of the printing companies also spotted "multiple growth poles" of the future trends, positive growth pole in each distribution area, to seize market opportunities . Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, is often the first choice for the development of these enterprises, the goal of the new Lazi, is central, western and northeastern regions appear.

Third, Mixed become an important way to diversify risk.

Strength of large-scale printing companies in the same time, in order to spread the risk, the sound operation, often taking Mixed mode. In this year's hundred, the more companies to expand from a single business model for the complex business model, particularly in traditional publications printing companies involved in packaging and printing, other printing more common situation.

Print in the mainland of people the impression that the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Sea printing industry with a distinctive three individual characteristics: the Pearl River Delta ability outside the single undertaking; Yangtze River Delta, more comprehensive services to business needs, such as packaging Printing support services, living in mainstream; the publication of the Bohai Sea the most abundant resources, publications, the relative concentration of printing companies. However, the trend Mixed printing companies, is gradually weakening the regional characteristics. Hundred year's list, beginning to show signs of gradual convergence: in the three major industrial belts, the main trend of packaging and printing are relatively obvious, the majority of hybrid printing business has become the conventional business structure hundred enterprises. This might highlight the future development of a theme: the majority of domestic market of the depth of excavation, the wider customer base a full range of services, will be the future new impetus to the development of the printing industry.

Fourth, integration of digital printing technology to accelerate traditional printing industry.

Hundred years are on the list of "printing" the statistics, list last year showed that 11 companies into the digital printing production. In this year's list, that figure rose to 16. In the printing giant, some traditional publications into digital printing equipment, printing companies, and even create digital printing center to develop new business direction; some packaging and printing companies try to apply the digital printing technology, increase the new service, improved business processes; also some engage in other business enterprises in the search for printing digital transition, including the notes printing companies, stationery, printing enterprises. From these industries to explore advanced enterprise may be inferred that the tentacles of digital printing has entered the broad field of printing, and start to speed up the integration phase.
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