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Will be held April 6, 2011 -9 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre "Corrugated 2011 China International Exhibition" is the world's largest manufacturer of corrugated packaging exhibition. The exhibition will fully unite the global power of packaging and printing industry, integrating international advanced technology and advanced development concepts, and promote exchanges and communication between industries, effectively promote the healthy and sustainable development.

Then, at 50,000 square meters of exhibition area, will attract 550 exhibitors to come, among the top international suppliers grand debut, the more numerous independent from domestic research and development with high-tech production technology and high cost of paper is known box equipment and consumable suppliers wonderful debut. Exhibits include cardboard processing equipment and spare parts, processing equipment and spare parts boxes, cartons processing all types of industrial paper, carton processing related supplies, carton processing software, processing services category boxes, plant equipment etc. covering the whole carton production chain, who need a carton of production equipment and supplies can be in the "2011 China International Corrugated" find, we will bring you to visit a new experience, to provide more comprehensive and effective information platform for global trade .

Corrugated board production line highlights concern

Corrugated box industry in recent years, China's pace of development for the industry to see, not only in the production of corrugated board has been reached in the world, but also because industry technology is improving, a lot of cutting-edge technology has been applied carton factory in China. For most of the carton factory in China, in one hand to consider when purchasing tile line high-speed, wide, high-performance, on the other hand begin to focus on the key components in the tile line, the key supporting equipment using the latest technological achievements .

BHS, MarquipWardUnited, FOSBER, BP AGNATI, Taiwan Association for Xu, Taiwan Ming Wei, Xiang Yi of Taiwan, Taoyuan Association for Xu, Yu force of Taiwan, and Taiwan to the lung, and Taiwan all Ping, Hong Kong Desheng, Ying Cheung Hing, Hubei Jingshan, Guangdong million Union and other well-known manufacturer of corrugated board production line will debut the 2011 Collective Exhibition of China International Corrugated exhibition site, and technological transformation and equipment modification as a key referral, you will fully appreciate the corrugated board production line of cutting-edge technology.

Automatic die-cutting machine business participation in this exhibition

Carton packaging market with the precision of the carton forming shaped box demand increases and the increase of demand for die-cutting equipment was a rapid growth trend, it is learned, when the international and domestic well-known automatic die-cutting machine manufacturers are enthusiastic participation in the "2011 China International Corrugated" add much color,
BOBST, Li Sheng Machinery, Shanghai, Xu Hang, Qingdao Micron, Foshan and other collective enterprises Southern Taiwan debut, bringing new equipment and production technology, helps enterprises to improve the precision molding boxes to meet the greater demand for special-shaped box.

Fore printing slotting machine

Printing is printing slotting machine, slotting, corner cutting, creasing, trimming five processes into one integrated processing equipment boxes, cartons, equipment manufacturers must. Usually when the carton enterprises in the procurement, production based on the enterprise size, economic strength, the production of product type and other factors to select the most appropriate equipment. General, large enterprise customers most of the cardboard box is the well-known manufacturers, need to produce high-grade cardboard, and has large quantities, specifications and more features, requiring high-speed, high precision automatic flexo printing slotting machine, to chromatic accurate, colorful, realistic strong, beautiful and cable requirements. The relatively small carton manufacturers products a single, small volume, not high quality requirements for printing, one color, two colors can be, typically middle and low water-based printing slotting machine.

In recent years, packaging machinery manufacturers strive to improve the technical content and learn advanced foreign technology, developed high-grade, high-speed, high precision automatic flexo printing slotting machine. The "2011 China International Corrugated Exhibition", BOBST, EMBA, Taiwan Po Wang, East China Sea, Shanghai Ding Long, Branch Shenglong, Southern Taiwan Foshan, Panyu, benefits and other financial companies have identified a large area will be participating, for the scene carton manufacturers to provide more options, view all levels of exhibitors can be different according to their budget, choose their own equipment.

Automatically set the scene blooming paste box equipment

Now, with China's rapid development of packaging and printing industries, automatic order / paste box machine is widely applied, coupled with the gradual rise in labor costs, automatic order / paste box machine will play a greater role and advantages, set / paste box process has occupied the leading position of the market. In this, "Corrugated 2011 China International Exhibition", BOIX, SERRA, INSUN, City Hall machinery, Yu Heng Machinery, Shanghai, Xu Hang, Shenyang Jinchuan, Chelsea, Shanghai billion, the Shanghai Grand View other automatic paste box machine, the box machine Expert debut exhibition site, bringing new energy saving products for carton manufacturers to provide a new efficient and environmentally friendly production experience.

Ink paper - great for small supplies

Pacific Ink, Dragon Ink, Inconel ink, ink name Feng, Wuhan Weiss, the South China Sea Weiss, Changfeng, Jiangsu, Shandong, Yan Feng, Changle century effort to participate in, enjoy the fun brought nearly a thousand kinds of products appear to provide high quality , cost-effective support services.

New products, new technologies and new service solutions, "Corrugated 2011 China International Exhibition" will provide you one by one offer, we'll enlist the global cutting-edge technology, bring you to experience the corrugated industry, rapid changes.
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