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Review label printing equipment in 2010, four breakthrough innovation          [2011-03-22]
2010, the label industry, related technology and equipment companies also have more innovation breakthroughs. According to reports, label printing in 2010 technology and printing equipment in independent innovation has 4 break.

The first breakthrough inkjet digital technology. The Founder (Gallery Founder Founder Founder models used equipment) as the representative of the enterprise, the success of research and development on the basis of inkjet digital presses for the label has developed a series of printing and packaging products. Jun Tan Qiao said that it can produce not only Founder inkjet digital presses, a number of other domestic companies are able to produce inkjet digital presses, such as Sheng Dean hearing, Monteiro, Yan buildups, European letter and so on, these enterprises for China electronic tags, electronic monitoring code has played a significant role in promoting development.

Second, the electronic tags (RFID) to be applied more widely. Such as RFID World Expo in Shanghai last year of much help. At present, the electronic tag has been successfully applied in the Beijing Olympics tickets, tickets for the Shanghai World Expo, Russia subway tickets, bus tickets, luggage labels.

Third Printing Technology Co., Ltd. Lucky Wah Kwong independent research and development of the 3.94 mm version of the flexible resin, and the market; its research and development of the 1.70 mm flexible version also entered in the trial stage, the product to be put on the market. The successful development of these two projects will lead to our flexographic printing industry digital upgrade. Jun Tan Qiao said: "Flexible label printing equipment is used in the past, this version of material equipment we are not completely dependent on imports, is well-known international brands such as DuPont, BASF, etc. monopoly. Now China can engage in such equipment it is incredible. "

Fourth, the printing equipment manufacturer billion Di Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has developed a new technology, the company's equipment can not self-adhesive printed labels, material savings of 35% to 70%. Jun Tan Qiao said that they developed this equipment meets current requirements of the national advocate of energy saving, while reducing material usage.

2011 is the "second five" first year, the label industry will usher in a new development. China Printing and Label Printing Equipment Industries Association, honorary chairman Tan Jun Qiao Branch particular reference to the relevant policies of countries this year, especially the introduction of lower tariffs on imported printing machine, to the label industry to bring a good opportunity. He said: "Now, in order to promote the development of digital printing, digital printing of tariff rates of imports from 8% to 3%, flexographic printing press of the tariff rate from 10% to 5%, its purpose is to promote this technology development. In particular, inkjet digital printing inkjet head, the import tariff rate from 6% to 3%, which is to promote the industry development received government support. "
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