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The future direction of digital publishing industry          [2011-03-22]
Chain in the digital publishing industry has been formed, the growing popularity of the terminal in the reading, cross-platform mobile reading a fashion era, China's digital publishing industry for the future?

The future will be possible following trends:

1, integrated operation of large and medium publishers;

2, the publishers and technology providers will be further cooperation;

3, small and medium sized publishers will take the road of outsourcing;

4, the new emerging digital publishing sector, the main form of the Internet;

5, the reader vendors set up online bookstore;

6, the traditional channels of full transition to electronic channels;

7, carriers into the whole process of digital publishing;

8, there will be more segments of the professional database service providers.

Of course, the development of China's digital publishing industry still faces a variety of formats, product prices, business models, billing, user experience, and many other issues.

The development of these trends and problem solving are based on a theme: cooperation. The objective of cooperation is 1 +1 = 11. Please note that not 1 +1 = 2, but 11, is to get greater value the development of a geometric progression for the industry, only the more value we can call it value. To this end, we need to do a lot of hard and painstaking work, such as the common form constructive alliances to explore how the digital publishing and publishers with more in-depth, practical development of digital publishing, strategic planning, standardized business models and market strategies, and Further clarify the partners. Only in this way, we can further clarify what we want, give what partners, our cooperation can give industry what.

From this point of view to understand, "Let more valuable partner"has practical significance, is bound to become the future development of China's digital publishing industry an important topic.
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