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Packaging machinery to improve development capabilities into the new era          [2011-03-22]
Packaging industry in China started late, but the development is very rapid. Total output value of China packaging industry from 1991 up to now less than ten billion yuan more than 2000 billion yuan each year for tens of thousands of industrial and agricultural products and food to provide packaging, in the national economy played an important role. According to statistics, China's food packaging machinery directly serve the food industry as high as 80%.

However, the rapid development of China's packaging industry behind, many problems still exist within the industry. China's packaging machinery exports less than 5% of GDP, imports and GDP are roughly the same. Domestic compared with foreign products, packaging machinery, scientific and technological level of the gap is still large, far from meeting the domestic demand. Two-way stretch equipment such as plastic film, a production line close to 100 million yuan, from the 70s of last century was introduced, so far, China have imported 110 of these product lines.

From the product structure, China has 1,300 kinds of varieties of packaging machinery, but the lack of high-tech, high-precision, high-quality complementary products, product performance is low, stability and reliability of the poor; from the business situation, the lack of domestic packaging machinery industry leading enterprises high level of technology, production scale, product quality to meet international standards of small enterprises; from research and product development point of view, still basically remain in the testing stage of imitation, self-development capability is not strong, less investment in research, funding only sales 1%, while developed countries up to 8% -10%.

For expert analysis, at present, the production of high efficiency, high utilization of resources, energy conservation products, high-tech practical, scientific research into commercial development trend of the world's packaging machinery. For China's packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises, to increase capital input alone, the extensive expansion of production scale operations can not meet the needs of development of the situation. The production of packaging equipment has entered the adjustment of product structure and improve the ability of a new period of development, technology upgrading, product updating, strengthening management is still an important industry issue.

In the industry view, the basic technology research to enhance imminent. The basis of today's packaging machinery technology development focuses on mechanical and electrical integration technologies, heat pipe technology, modular technology. Mechatronics and computer applications can improve packaging and reliability of automation and intelligence; heat pipe technology can improve the quality of packaging machinery sealing; modular design technology and CAD / CAM technology to improve the packaging machinery, material selection and processing equipment and processing technologies. Therefore, our packaging industry should strengthen the basic technology research, development and utilization.

Key projects for the packaging machinery, the state should give appropriate policy and financial support to enterprises to mobilize the enthusiasm of the development of new products. Through the development process, enabling a group of independent innovative packaging machinery enterprises, develop our own professional design team create a brand with Chinese characteristics, packaging machinery, packaging machinery industry in our country into the healthy and orderly development track.

Packaging machinery enterprises should also insist on technological innovation. Actively attract talent, develop their own professional design team to develop production and marketing of high-tech LO products, improve product quality and develop new varieties, establishment of technical innovation and operational mechanism. Explore the use of industry, academia and research combination to actively create conditions to encourage research institutes to join business groups, industrial technology to enable enterprises to gradually become the main development and investment. Also, take advantage of the convenience of electronic commerce, complete the core business, improve service, reduce working capital cycle, from the limited resources to gain more benefits.
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